5 reasons you'll love Hubble's daily disposable lenses

Fri, May 20th, 2022

Are you tired of your contact lens routine? Sick of always forgetting to make time to properly clean and disinfect your contact lenses? 

With their convenience and effortless application and removal, it's no wonder daily disposable lenses are growing in popularity with contact lens wearers. There is no need to fuss around with expensive lens solutions and dirty storage cases with one-day wear lenses! 

But did you also know that these lenses have also grown in popularity with eye health specialists and doctors due to their various benefits?

Before we jump into all the reasons daily disposable contact lenses are quickly becoming a favorite amongst consumers and practitioners, it's essential to understand what constitutes a one-day wear lens. 

Daily disposable lenses are contacts worn for one day, as the name suggests, removed at the end of the day and disposed of, then replaced by a fresh pair of lenses the next time you wear contact lenses. 

Yep, it's that simple; still, there are some misconceptions about daily disposable lenses and how they work. So, Hubble’s here to clear those up and lay out all the benefits of daily disposable lenses. 

Daily contacts are fitted based on your up-to-date prescription and vision correction needs like all other lenses. The major difference is that you place a fresh pair in your eyes every morning, so there is no need to clean your lenses and store them for reuse at the end of the day. These lenses must be removed before napping and sleeping and are only meant to be used (you guessed it!) for one day. When worn correctly, there are various benefits that you, the wearer, may experience with one-day wear lenses. 

So, to aid in your decision-making process, Hubble's put together a list of 5 reasons to switch to daily disposable contact lenses. 

1. Dailies are safer for your eyes: 

Eye health practitioners and specialists recommend daily disposable lenses to their patients for their evident added health benefits and ease of use. 

But what is it about these lenses that make them safer, and why exactly?

To genuinely understand this, we need to understand a bit more about how our eyes operate. 

Our eyes and tears contain proteins, lipids, and calcium that can easily accrue under reusable lenses. Over time, this build-up may lead to irritation of the eyes and possibly an infection. 

The human eye is a sensitive, complex, and fragile organ with various working parts that function in unison to allow our eyes to operate healthily. Therefore, something as small as the natural fluids our eyes produce becoming trapped behind reusable lenses can get in the way of seeing clearly and our eyes functioning as they should.  

For this main reason, doctors and eye health specialists often agree that the best way to avoid this is to place new clean lenses in your eyes each time you wear contacts. 

After all, we're talking about your eyes here, and anything that may lead to complications should be avoided if possible. 

But how did we make the journey from reusable lenses to today's commonly used daily disposable lenses?

Long before the widespread availability of daily disposable lenses, doctors recommended replacing lenses as often as possible to minimize the risk of potential eye infection. 

The problem was that continually replacing lenses was costly, so cleaning solutions and storage devices were used to prolong the life of reusable lenses. 

The health concerns were still present, and a solution was needed. With this, lens manufacturers began developing disposable lenses at greater volume and at lower costs.

Hubble saw the need to make daily disposable lenses even more inexpensive and convenient than they were. So, a company with a vision for clear sight and affordability was born. 

Today millions wear Hubble's daily lenses for their comfort and added eye health. 

2. Daily disposable contacts help alleviate allergies:

Suppose you suffer from airborne or seasonal allergies. In that case, you know the toll it can take on your eyes, especially if you're a contact lens wearer.

Pollen and small particles can make life unbearable and eyes incredibly irritated because these allergens can cling to the surface of lenses, even when cleaned with a solution.

Dailies significantly diminish these allergen irritants because every time you place a fresh pair in your eyes, you've rid your eyes of all those pesky particles trapped under your now disposed of lenses. 

That sounds like a much-needed allergy season win! 

It's also been found that some contact lens wearers experience allergic reactions to contact lens solutions they use to clean and disinfect their lenses. 

For this reason, many practitioners and eye-health experts recommend switching to daily disposable lenses to reduce or even eliminate allergic reactions and eye irritations. 

Another benefit to one-a-day lenses during peak allergy season is the ability to change out your lenses for a fresh pair when needed throughout the day. 

Say it's been a windy day with pollen flying freely about on your commute to work in the morning. Finally, you arrive at work, and your eyes are already reacting to debris that's made its way to your contact lenses. Not to worry, you remember you've got your trusty pack of Hubble lenses in your bag, and effortlessly change out your lenses for a fresh, particle-free pair of contact lenses. 

Voila! You're now ready to go about your workday, seeing clearly with no eye irritation. 

3. Dailies help alleviate dry, sensitive eyes:

Dry and sensitive eyes are no strangers to discomfort and irritation, making it hard to find the right contact lenses.

Where one type of lens may work for dry eyes, it may cause eye irritations for sensitive eyes and vice versa. 

This may sound like a no-win contact lens scenario, but according to eye doctors, there is a solution. 

Suppose you've already seen your doctor to rule out underlying eye conditions that cause eye sensitivity and dryness and received the all-clear. In that case, it may be your contact lens choice that is causing you to have eye discomfort. 

According to eye doctors who frequently deal with patients who suffer from dry and sensitive eyes, daily disposable lenses may be the right fit for you. Placing a fresh new lens on your eyes daily is one of the best ways to eliminate ocular dryness and minimize debris build-up, which can exacerbate eye sensitivity. 

So, if you're tired of managing the battle between dry, sensitive eyes and contacts, it may be time to consider  Hubble's daily disposable lenses. 

You deserve to see clearly and comfortably! 

4. Daily disposable lenses eliminate the need for maintenance and contact lens solutions: 

Contact lens maintenance is a vital and standard part of your life if you wear reusable contact lenses. 

Regardless of the type of reusable contacts you wear, you'll need to consider the maintenance time and frequency, along with always having your contact lens solution on hand. 

While not worn, reusable lenses must also be stored in a disinfecting lens solution case.

Those are a lot of different components to keep track of daily. Forgetting or skipping these routines at any given time can be problematic for your convenience and your eye health. Reusable lenses need to be properly and effectively disinfected every time they are removed and prior to insertion. 

Also, let's say you've dropped a lens while attempting to place it in or while wearing them and are fortunate enough to find the tiny clear lens again; placing that lens back into your eye may be unsafe. 

Your lens may now have a slight tear you can't detect with the naked eye. Even if it's been adequately disinfected, placing that same lens onto your eye may cause a scratch to your cornea, potentially leading to an infection. 

It's just not worth the risk! 

Imagine now you wore Hubble’s daily disposable lenses. You'd naturally open a fresh pack, place the lens onto your eyes and go about your life with crystal clear and clean vision and none of the worry.

You can also say goodbye to regular maintenance and carrying around your lens case and solution. 

The only thing you'll need to remember is to remove and dispose of your lenses before bed.

It's that simple and convenient to ensure you see clearly with daily disposable lenses. You'll save money, too, as there's no need to purchase contact lens solutions anymore. 

Don't wait another minute to schedule a chat with your doctor about the safety and convenience of switching to one-a-day wear lenses. 

5. Daily disposable contact lenses are more affordable than you may think:

The greatest misconception around one-a-day wear lenses today is their affordability. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. Before the 1995 development of daily disposable lenses, only reusable lenses were on the market for purchase. Doctors would recommend replacing those lenses as often as possible for health reasons, but doing so was just too expensive. 

With this came the birth of contact lens solutions in an effort to minimize the risks associated with prolonged use of contact lenses and also allow for longer shelf life. 

Did these solutions reduce the risks? Sure, but they did not remove the risks entirely especially considering most contact lens users did not adhere to the cleaning and disinfecting protocols at all times. According to the CDC, "Between 40%-90% of contact lens wearers do not properly follow the care instructions for their contact lenses. Approximately 99% of respondents reported at least one contact lens hygiene behavior previously associated with an increased risk of eye infection or inflammation."

Eye health experts and manufacturers saw the need to create a lens that could be replaced daily and consequently reduce health risks associated with reusable lenses. 

Manufacturers began developing daily disposable lenses in greater numbers and at lower prices. However, the prices were still not as low as they could potentially be. This is where Hubble's vision to provide daily disposable lenses affordably came to be. 

Now, fast forward to today, where daily disposable lenses are frequently prescribed to patients for their health benefits and at prices that may even be lower than most reusable lenses. Lower prices most certainly doesn't mean lower lens quality; it signifies innovation and progression within the vision space. Especially if you're using Hubble's daily disposable lenses. 

If you're starting out with Hubble, you'll get your first box of 30 lenses for $1 and pay just $39 for 60 lenses thereafter, every 28 days depending on your subscription choice. 

Wondering how Hubble is able to offer such affordable lenses and how to get Hubble lenses? 

Hubble's Daily Disposable Lenses:

The truth is that without much competition the four main contact lens providers set prices for lenses much higher than they should be. Hubble saw a dire need to affordably provide one of the safest lenses on the market to those previously being forced to choose between their eye health and wallet. 

Hubble embarked on a mission to find a contact lens manufacturer that would align with its vision of eye health and affordability. After thoughtful consideration and various factory visits worldwide, Hubble decided on St. Shine. 

St. Shine is a contact lens manufacturer with over 20 years of experience making FDA-approved contact lenses. They supply billions of lenses worldwide. 

To create their lenses, St. Shine uses an injection molding process and performs a variety of tests and inspections on their lenses, to allow for comfort even when worn all day.  

"Can I afford to wear daily disposable contacts," should not be a question you have to ask yourself when aiming to better your eye health?

Hubble's lenses are barely a dollar a day, so no more breaking the bank with overpriced lenses.

But, Hubble has more than just affordability to offer their customers. 

Hubble's lenses provide UV protection, a thin edge, and 55% water content. 

Wait, there's more! 

Hubble also has an easy-to-manage subscription service, so you never have to remember to place your order. In addition, you can effortlessly change your personal information, delivery frequency, and track your orders via Hubble's user-friendly Customer Portal. 

And, because Hubble knows questions and concerns do arise, they've established a 24/7 friendly and helpful customer service Chat Team. 

You can reach out to Hubble's 24/7 chat line for any or all of the following:

  • validating prescription copies
  • help with checkout
  • assistance with membership maintenance (change of address/ replacements, etc.) 
  • order status
  • and general questions

If you're ready to get started, speak with one of Hubble's participating doctors and schedule a fitting of Hubble's daily disposable lenses—be warned, though, that you may be hooked on Hubble moving forward. 

So, don't wait another minute to get started with Hubble for just $1 and get the convenience, comfort, and eye health you deserve! 


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