Get to know Hubble

Wed, May 11th, 2022

You've probably seen the energetic, fun, and quirky Hubble Contacts ads and might be aware that Hubble offers affordable contact lenses, but do you genuinely know Hubble? 

As so often is with companies, you may not be surprised to hear that there is more than meets the eye with Hubble Contacts.  The behind-the-scenes of what makes Hubble is genuinely visionary work. 

Hubble Contacts was founded on one principle that still stands at the heart of the company today; no one should have to choose between their eye health and their wallet. 

When Hubble started, it was evident that change was necessary within an industry run by four companies that have historically marked-up prices for medical devices that over 45 million Americans need annually—contact lenses. 

Hubble Contacts embarked on a mission to offer contact lenses for barely a dollar a day so that every person needing contacts could now afford to wear fresh lenses. 

And after years of providing affordable lenses to millions worldwide, Hubble saw the same high prices occurring in the glasses market and decided to create a better alternative for glasses wearers as well. 

So, we ask you to embark on a journey with us to get to know Hubble and why their customers love them. 


What sets Hubble apart from the competition? 

What evidently and undoubtedly distinguishes Hubble Contacts from its competitors is its affordability. And, you may be asking yourself, what's the catch here? The genuine truth is that for decades contact lenses were unnecessarily overpriced.

Contact lenses are a necessary medical device for millions, and Hubble decided that no one should be held back from seeing clearly due to high prices. 

Hubble spent almost a year researching lens manufacturers and visiting factories around the world. After careful consideration, Hubble chose St. Shine as their partner. St. Shine is a contact lens manufacturer with over 20 years of experience making FDA-approved contact lenses. They supply billions of lenses worldwide, from Tokyo to New York City. To create their lenses, St. Shine uses an injection molding process and performs a variety of tests and inspections on their lenses, to allow for comfort even if you wear them all day. 

Hubble didn't throw in the towel at affordable lenses but decided to take their reimagining of the contact lens industry one step further by providing an easy-to-manage subscription service and a $1 first box of 30 daily lenses. 

With over a million contact lens customers under their belt, Hubble decided to offer affordable, high-quality glasses next. 

Using the same careful and thoughtful approach to contact lenses, Hubble embarked on the creation of their eyeglasses brand.

Hubble developed durable, impact-resistant frames at competitive rates. Not only did Hubble design and build many of their glasses in-house, but they also expanded their collection by sourcing exceptional frames from top-level manufacturers. 

Now, let's take a deeper look at why Hubble’s customers love their contact lenses and glasses.

What are Hubble Contact Lenses? 

Some things sound too good to be true, but Hubble Contacts isn't one of them. 

Hubble Contacts consulted with experienced vision medical advisors, such as Dr. Brian Levy, on the initial creation of Hubble—this is what Dr. Levy had to say about Hubble’s vision.

"When I heard that Hubble would be focusing on more affordable daily disposable contact lenses, conveniently delivered on a subscription basis, to those who chose this delivery route, I was pretty excited because I believe wearing daily disposable contacts is the best choice for patients." 

He continued by stating, "The data is pretty clear in the scientific literature that disposing of contact lenses on a daily basis is the safest form of contact lens wear, irrespective of the type of material the lens is made from." 

Dr. Levy’s professional opinion is shared by optometrists all around the world, who generally agree that daily disposable contact lenses are the safest form of contact lens. 

It's evident Hubble Contacts did their homework in sourcing their daily disposable lenses, and the results speak for themselves.

Hubble lenses are made from methafilcon A hydrogel material with 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge—designed for easy insertion, all-day comfort, and crystal clear vision. 

They have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.2, a UV filter, and come in powers ranging from -0.50 to -12.00 and +0.5 to +6.00. Hubble currently only offers daily disposable contact lenses because they believe, and optometrists agree, that wearing a new lens every day is safer and more comfortable. 

What are Frames by Hubble? 

Hubble's eyeglass construction process is led by actual humans. You'll see Hubble's devotion to the craft right down to the minute details. Every pair of Frames by Hubble is hand-assembled and polished to order prior to being shipped to you. Hubble, additionally, offers a sleek carrying case and a microfiber cloth with every glasses purchase for easy toting and maintenance. 

For their frames, Hubble sourced high-quality lenses that will stand up to wear and tear while giving you the sharpness and clarity of vision you need.

Their standard polycarbonate lenses are light, built to last, and impact-resistant, giving you the maximum use of each pair. Hubble's sunglasses come with polarized lenses that shut out 100% of UVA and UVB rays and reduce pesky glare.

The Hubble Collection of cellulose acetate frames is derived from natural fibers. Each pair has double-barrel hinges to ensure smooth arm action and pillowed tips to sit comfortably for as long as you need them. The Hubble-Approved Collection expands Hubble’s catalog to a wide variety of styles and materials and are thoughtfully sourced from a family-owned, top-level US-based company.

With over a hundred stylish frames to choose from, you're bound to fall in love with a pair or two. If you happen to get stuck while searching and find it hard to get a genuine idea of how Hubble's frames will fit you, give Hubble's Try-On Feature a go and obtain a clearer picture of how fabulous you'll look in each pair. 

How does Hubble work?

Hubble has taken the time to answer various customers' questions throughout the years to help provide clarity and transparency. In an effort to further assist you in getting to know Hubble and how they operate, we've compiled some of their most commonly asked questions and helpful answers. 

Hubble Contact's Daily Disposable Lenses FAQ:

Do I need a contact lens prescription to place an order with Hubble?

Yes, all orders require a valid prescription from a doctor, including your name, the date of prescription expiration, the prescriber's name, and, for the lenses themselves, power, base curve, manufacturer, diameter, and material. 

Do I need a prescription for Hubble lenses to place an order with Hubble? 

Yes, to order Hubble, you need an up-to-date prescription for Hubble contact lenses (or identical lenses made by our manufacturing partner St. Shine and prescribed by your doctor under a different brand name). Hubble contact lenses have a base curve of 8.6, a diameter of 14.2, and are made of methafilcon A. If you do not have a valid prescription for Hubble contact lenses, you can visit one of our optometrist partners or order other brands of contacts with our friends at ContactsCart!

How does a Hubble subscription work?

If you are a new customer, your first shipment consists of 30 Hubble lenses (just pay $1 for shipping/handling plus any applicable sales tax). After that, you'll receive deliveries of 60 lenses every 28 days for $39. There will be a $3 shipping/handling charge for each delivery. Your card will be charged each time your lenses are shipped, and you can cancel at any time, up until we charge your card and ship your lenses.

Can I change my subscription frequency?

Yes, absolutely; after setting up your subscription, you may change how frequently you receive shipments. Click Here for more information on accessing Hubble's Customer Portal and changing your subscription frequency, or reach out to Hubble via chat or email Hubble at [email protected]

How long does it take to receive Hubble lenses, and where does Hubble ship to?

For regular shipments, Hubble uses USPS Standard Economy Shipping, which generally takes between 5-10 business days. However, shipments to areas outside the continental United States may take longer.

Hubble currently ships to the U.S., certain U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, military APO/DPO/FPO addresses, and Canada, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

What forms of payment does Hubble Contacts accept?

Hubble accepts all major credit and debit cards. If your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card, you can use it to make lens purchases. 

Does Hubble Contacts accept vision insurance?

Like other online contact lens stores, Hubble doesn't deal with insurance providers directly. Still, you can use the receipt Hubble emails you after checkout when applying for reimbursement from your provider. If, for some reason, you don't get a receipt or need another copy, contact Hubble via chat or email at [email protected], and they can send you an invoice for your insurance provider.

Can Hubble help me find a medical professional to make an appointment for a contact lens fitting?

Yes, Hubble can give you the name of a doctor in your area with whom you can make an appointment for a fitting and obtain your prescription should you not currently have a valid Hubble contact lens prescription (Hubble is expanding this group on an ongoing basis). Simply input the required information in Hubble's Find a Doctor Portal. If it is more convenient, Hubble can assist you in booking the appointment. 

Click here for more Hubble contact lens FAQs.

Hubble glasses FAQ:

How are Hubble glasses so affordable?

Hubble cuts out the middleman by designing many of their glasses in-house and selling them directly to consumers (i.e., you). Hubble also has strong partnerships with exceptional manufacturers who can accommodate Hubble's priority of keeping prices low.

How do I place a glasses order with Hubble?

You can browse around and select from Hubble's custom-designed collection of high-quality and affordable optical eyeglasses and sunglasses here. Once you decide on glasses, you'll enter your prescription (if you're ordering prescription eyeglasses) and select your preferred lens type. After that, Hubble will take care of the rest, customizing your glasses to your specifications and shipping them directly to you.

What glasses prescription does Hubble fill?

Depending on the type of lens you select, Hubble can fulfill the following prescriptions:

   Hubble Glasses Prescription Ranges

(Click here for more information on Hubble glasses prescription ranges and how to read your glasses prescription.) 

What type of lenses does Hubble offer?

Hubble offers polycarbonate, 1.67 high-index and blue light-filtering lenses for eyeglasses, and polarized polycarbonate lenses for sunglasses. 

Hubble's lenses also come with anti-reflective, anti-glare, and anti-scratch coatings at no additional cost!

Does Hubble offer non-prescription or reading glasses? 

Yes. After selecting your preferred glasses, you can choose non-prescription or reading glasses during the checkout process.

Does Hubble offer progressive/multifocal/bifocal lenses?

Hubble does not currently offer progressive, multifocal, or bifocal lenses. Still, if your doctor has written this type of prescription for you (prescription with an ADD power), Hubble can make glasses with either the prescribed reading or distance correction. You can contact Hubble via chat or email at [email protected] for assistance.

Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses from Hubble?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your contact lens prescription for ordering glasses because contact prescriptions and eyeglasses prescriptions differ. Using your contact lens prescription for glasses will result in problems with your glasses. (Click here for more information on glasses prescriptions and how they differ from contact lens prescriptions.) 

Can Hubble help me find a doctor to obtain a prescription?

Yes, email Hubble at [email protected], and they can help you find a doctor who may be able to write you a glasses prescription. Also, check out Hubble's Find a Doctor Portal to effortlessly get a list of Hubble participating doctors near you. 

Click here for more Hubble glasses FAQs.

Why do customers love Hubble Contacts?

It's easy to see how millions of customers love Hubble and swear by their lenses, but you don't have to take our word; see it for yourself! 

“Hubble contacts are great. Have been wearing them for years. Saw they had glasses. Ordered a pair and they were fabulous and the prices are awesome. Will be ordering more!” - Betsy
“I used to get eye irritation all the time from weekly contacts. Haven’t had an issue since switching. Love it!” - Heather
“Not only have I been very impressed by the contact lens plans Hubble offers, but I'm extremely pleased that Hubble offers glasses now as well! I'm actually telling someone about Hubble right now on Facebook, and how they can get both glasses and contacts. I'm a very happy customer and will continue to be. :)” - Amanda

It’s a great service. You always have contacts on hand, sometimes extras if like me you wear your glasses on the weekends. They come at the same time every month and the quality is very good.” - Dan
“My Contacts are always on time, very affordable & customer service is pleasant and easy to talk with whenever I have a request. I have already recommended Hubble to a few friends.” - Shannon
“The contacts are extremely affordable and durable. You can manage your account to get lenses whenever or to stop whenever, service is also very flexible” - Thalissa
“I have been a customer for several years and the quality of the contacts is great. I tell all my friends and family about them. I have saved so much money and am worry-free. I used to pay $85 for 6 pairs and now the price of $39 for 60 pairs is unbelievable.” Rebecca

Hubble is consistent and reliable, I never have to think about it. Made my life easier and saved me money. My FSA account is linked up which makes it even better. - Katherine

So, what are you waiting for to get yourself comfortable lenses for an unbelievable price or affordable durable, and stylish glasses? Get started with Hubble today and never look back to those costly days. 

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